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Wellness activities to discover in Biscarrosse

Take care of yourself in Biscarosse: unusual well-being activities

Take advantage of your vacations in the Landes to discover the wellness activities to do! Sophrology, unusual massages, foot relaxation and much more...

Our team offers you today to discover our favorite activities.

Let go with the Tibetan singing bowls massage

What is the Tibetan singing bowl massage?

Considered as an energetic treatment, the Tibetan singing bowl massage is a therapy performed with sound. The objective of this sound massage is to stimulate the meridians and to provide a real moment of relaxation and well-being.

The process is simple:

There are 7 singing bowls (each of them represents a note of the musical scale "do re mi fa sol la si") and each one allows to act above the chakra which corresponds to it.

When the note of the Tibetan bowl sounds right, it means that our chakra is balanced and the masseur can then move on to the next chakra. On the other hand, if the note does not sound right, the masseur puts the bowl on our body to unblock the knot. This practice is repeated until the note sounds right.

What are the benefits of Tibetan massage?

The main benefits of this massage are the reduction of immediate stress, muscle regeneration or the relief of back pain... Also, the Tibetan bowls allow to balance our energy centers (chakras) allowing them to circulate better throughout our body.

This extraordinary relaxing activity can be done at the Rituel Beauté spa and treatment center in Biscarosse.

Discovery of sophrology

The activity not to be missed to learn to breathe, to be more serene and in harmony with yourself.

Discover an ideal activity to calm your body and mind. Sophrology is practiced by many people who want a good relaxation exercise.

With the different activities of sophrology proposed in Biscarosse, as with Inspire Sophrology or Active Sophrology, you will learn to refocus on yourself to live a real moment of relaxation.

A relaxing moment for your feet

You know the relaxation by the feet? The technique of foot reflexology aims at activating different reflex zones of the feet by performing massages.

This practice will allow you to relieve many pains, but also to fight stress and tension, thanks to the good circulation of your energies.

Awaken your soul with drumming

Don't miss the drumming trip: a pleasant trip in the forest, calm and relaxing, ideal for a moment of self-discovery in Biscarosse.

Our team invites you to discover the activity "Dream-watcher of soul" ... Through her drum, Vanessa will accompany you to explore what is inside you. Her words will gently resonate within your heart and most certainly within your soul, to help you bring out messages that are buried within you.

Discover the Soul Awakener activity in Biscarosse.
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